Word counts – Can they be forgotten like the traditional publishing houses?

James Ross Fiction

Just a quick one about word counts, as for those of us who have looked at the advised guidelines, either on the web, via the mouths of agents or on publishing house websites, the size of your book is important, to an extent at least. But from what I gather, this is generally down to things that are no longer valid when publishing in e-format.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the arguments for a minimum word count of 60,000 words (maybe a little less if you have a top-notch agent who kicks arse on your behalf) is really to do with how a book looks and feels as a tangible object, and also importantly, the cost of production and the profit margin that can be made on different sized books.

A novella for example, would have to be sold cheaply, therefore cutting the potential profit margin substantially, which is not a…

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