3 Tips for Writing Emotion in Fiction

This is one of the most informative posts I have come across today. This is worth sharing so that other aspiring writers may learn how to write emotions when writing fiction books. ^_^

Nichole Eck

Great writing has emotion. It’s about being human in the most basic way.

Simple enough, right?

The tricky thing is that writing emotion well is really hard. We’ve all read badly written descriptions of emotion. (Just think back to angst-ridden high school poetry or second-rate romances—heck, even some first-rate romances).

But why are badly written emotional scenes so painful to read? Why do they make us cringe or roll our eyes or even sometimes…gasp!…stop reading?

Because the reader feels that something is being forced on them, and people as a general rule don’t like that.

With that in mind, here are three tips to keep in mind when trying to write an emotional scene.

1. Don’t use emotion words.

One of the facts of being human is that we can only connect to other humans through the physical world. I mean that there is no way (currently…

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