The Seven Deadly Book Marketing Sins

seven deadly book marketing sins - post

Originally written by Rochelle Stone on Barefoot Basics

(Deadly) Sin #1: Marketing, What Marketing?

It sounds simple right, since MARKETING sells books but it is not uncommon to be privy to a conversation with an author who vents their frustration at having 90% of their printed books sitting in their garage (months after it was printed), they can’t land a distributor and ask what have they done wrong? The blank face and awkward silence when I ask what marketing activity they have undertaken followed by a bashful ‘I have a website’ provides both of us with the answer. Marketing SELLS books – develop a 12-month marketing plan that will take you through the writing, production, launch and post launch stages of your book publishing journey.

(Deadly) Sin #2: Going For The Hard Sell

Spamming your database and social media networks with constant sales messages is going to assist you losing fans quicker than gaining them. Take time developing a clear communication strategy that builds engagement with your audience, showcases your knowledge, inspires and is completed with a soft sell into your sales funnel.

(Deadly) Sin #3: Being A Wall Flower

How will your audience find your book if they don’t know that you exist? If your book is aimed at transitioning teenagers from school to work invest in a communication strategy that will target and engage Principals, Teachers, Mothers and Teenagers using Trade Press, School Newsletters, Speaking Engagements, Parent & Teenager (Self Hosted) Evenings, National Media and Social Media.

(Deadly) Sin #4: Expecting Your Book To Be An Instant Bestseller

Don’t expect to be the next overnight success – instead focus on building your profile and platform for the 12 months leading up to your book launch. The quality versus quantity within your database will affect initial sales and the long term success of your sales funnel.

(Deadly) Sin #5: Believing Everything Will Magickly Happen

Research, Plan and Activate! Take time to research and develop your book production team, work with the people that align with your vision and goals. Take time to plan each step in your book production and marketing schedule, ensuring that no details get overlooked. Set your key goals and milestones, activating your journey as a self publishing author.

(Deadly) Sin #6: Running Before You Can Walk

Every author has ambitions of receiving national and international recognition for their work, however first we need to begin marketing in our smaller fish point. Layer your schedule of marketing activity over a 6-12 month time frame, beginning with social media, local area marketing, networking, speaking engagements, webinars, online platform, guest blogging, affiliate partnerships, sponsorship, corporate alliances and target PR.

(Deadly) Sin #7: Not Connecting With Your Target Market

How will you engage your audience base? Know how and where you will see positive results by connecting with and attracting the attention of your target market. Understand and address the concerns and life style factors that will influence conversion and conversations. This can be seen through knowing when and how they use social media, to  taking into account their busy schedule when holding a webinar or seminar. By understanding their life style, pyschographics and purchasing cycles, rather than simply demographics, your message, purpose and voice will be greatly focused leading to greater connection with your target market.

For the full story, visit Barefoot Basics.


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