The Importance of Stylebooks


Originally posted on Self Publishing News

AP Stylebook:

The AP Stylebook is the bible of all things written for the Associated Press and other journalists worldwide. The reference includes a comprehensive punctuation guide that’s indispensable for any writer, as well as entries that clear up commonly confused words, brand and business names, historical figures and events. AP’s advantage is that since it is rooted in the news tradition, the encyclopedic reference is regularly updated to account for world events, pivotal figures and an ever-changing American lexicon.


Chicago Manual of Style:

In addition to a thorough Style and Usage section that covers grammar, punctuation, common terms and other writing guidance that The AP Stylebook spells out for journalists, The Chicago Manual of Style offers help with how to document, reference and index information for book publication.

This CMoS is especially useful for authors because it includes a Books Division that provides authors with valuable writing and formatting guidelines. The online manual is especially helpful; it includes manuscript guidance geared toward writers using Microsoft Word and WordPerfect to prepare electronic manuscripts, and it’s accessible within a few scant mouse clicks. The section will also walk you through art submission requirements, proofreading marks, formatting citations, rights and permissions and more.

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