Spell Check and Double Check Your Content

spell check

Originally written by jncahill

When you finish writing your book or short stories, spellcheck is your friend! It will pick up on any misspelled words. But keep in mind that spellcheck won’t catch every mistake. It won’t catch incorrect punctuation or when you use the wrong words. Some programs, like Microsoft Word, will help with grammar, but I’ve found that it isn’t 100%, or even 80% in my opinion, reliable.

The best way to ensure that your story is as error free as possible is to read it slowly aloud to yourself. If you have friends who are willing to help, let them read it. Since they will be reading your work with a fresh mind, it will be easier for them to catch errors. Sometimes we are so familiar with our own work and writing that we tend to overlook our mistakes. I’ve found that putting a story aside for a month or two and then trying to catch errors works much better than trying to proofread right after finishing the draft.


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