7 Simple Writing Advice

writing advice

Originally posted on brianwfoster.com

Advice #1 – Accept that, no matter how good you think your writing is, the first stuff that you produce is going to be crap not worthy of being read. By anyone. Learning to write is not an easy or quick process. Maybe some are born with an innate gift.

Advice #2 – Read about writing. Find books and blogs that offer tips and advice. Don’t devote all your time to this or let it interfere with actual writing, but definitely make this a part of your life. Never stop reading about writing and trying to improve your craft. You never know where that tidbit will come from that takes your craft to the next level.

Advice #3 – Write. Whether a short story or a chapter of a novel, create a finished piece (again, think a whole chapter, not a whole novel).

Advice #4 – Revise what you wrote. Make it the absolute best you can make it. Pour your heart, soul, and time into it.

Advice #5– Once the piece is perfect, get feedback. Having someone who knows more than you tear to shreds a piece you thought was good is the fastest, best way to learn (once you get past the emotional devastation, anyway).

Advice #6 – Go back to Step 2 and repeat until you’re getting mostly positive feedback from people whose opinions on writing you trust and respect.

Advice #7 – Keep learning. Keep writing. Actively search for new knowledge. Seek out feedback and see what you can learn from that feedback.

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