How and Where to Write?

How and Where to Write

Originally written by Ruth Ellen Parlour

When to write.

I was listening to a podcast where an author was talking about writing in ‘Moon Hours.’ The method is to write immediately when you wake up, still in your pyjamas, before you do anything else. The idea is that your brain has not had time to fully wake and become distracted by things in the day. Because you were just sleeping, your brain is still tuned into a subconscious creative mode. And that method works for some people.

Places to write.

I think it’s a good idea to try and write in different places and see how your writing differs. I’d love to try writing in a café but I have a thing about dining alone. I’ve written on trains and I used to write in the common room at collage. I could try the library, writing on a beach, in a forest, as long as I am safe and cosy.


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